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Interior Plaster

Live healthy, breathe easy.

Interior plastering has been described as a dying trade in the US.  We beg to differ.  A large portion of our business is restoring historic homes and structures, from patching and repairing, to complete resurfacing/refinishing.  The sound proof and added installation that comes with plaster homes is one of the many reason it needs to be preserved, along with the historic significance.  Interior plaster unlike drywall, is dust free as there is no sanding involved in the application.  Dust from drywall can and do enter into every crevice ( outlets, vents, etc) and can be very unhealthy to breathe for many years post installation.   The interior plaster finish we apply cures to 3000 psi.  It is a very hard and durable finish.  We have access to many  different plaster finishes that are Leed Certified and actually good for the interior air quality of your home.  We have also developed our own (unique to Euro) colored plaster and stucco finishes.  These finishes can be an old world mottled appearance or monolithic semi uniform color.  Colors and textures are only limited to one's imagination.  Shower and bathroom plaster applications have become once again popular in both new custom homes and old historic dwellings.  Hand made samples of various colors and textures are available for viewing at our studio.  Custom colors and textures available upon request.  We have performed fire , smoke and water damage in historic structures for the past 33 years.  During this time we have experienced the following:  on many occasions the lath 'n' plaster has performed very well.  The only repairs needed were removing loose paint, applying a stain blocking primer and re-paint.  If water damage should occur in your  walls or ceilings, it is our recommendation to drill some holes so as to allow the wall or ceiling to breathe.  Unlike plaster, when drywall gets wet it is compromised.  It has to be completely removed and replaced.  Of the many advantages that plaster has over drywall, in our opinion, the most important is the fact that plaster is a healthier system.  You get what you pay for.

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